Angels in the skies over the Middle East: So, what is the Secret

By Dr. Guy Bechor

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Angels: The name of our people and our country (Israel) is associated with an angel. One night, while Jacob slept alone, an angel assaulted him. The two wrestled all night, until the human’s surprising victory over the heavenly creature (Genesis 32:24). Jacob was not willing to release the vanquished angel until he had received his blessing. The Angel asked his name, and he replied “Jacob”. The angel said: “From now on your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you struggled with God and with humans, and have prevailed”.

God himself repeats this change in name when Jacob settles in Beit-El (Genesis 35:9), where He promises to Israel that a nation and kings would be among his descendants, and that he and his progenies would inherit this land. Thus a Land and a People were born.
Who are the angels? Apparently, they are immortal spiritual souls, existing between God and human beings. Most of them are men, but there are also female angels.
They can be either good or bad; and according to tradition, though invisible, play a crucial role in mankind’s history. Angels such as the Cherubim and Seraphim, carry out their work looking down from above.
Many inhabitants of the world, certainly among the three monotheistic religions, believe in angels, and the aspect of this belief is complex: there are those who believe in “guardian angels” keeping watch over us (as describes in the Kabbalah), and there are those terrified by the threat of bad angels, agents of the devil (himself an evil angel). other see this as mere superstition.
On the Jewish New Year’s Eve 5777, at least ten angels hover over the Middle East, and over our heads. Will you see them? Of what are they harbingers. Are they good or bad? That depends to whom.

1 The Angel of Truth:

Hundred years, the Arab world lived an imagined “truth,” that strengthened it, and weakened us: Everything is caused by Israel, or is related to it. These past six years, the Angel of Truth inverted the natural order of events, and the real truth surfaced, weakening the Arab world, but actually strengthening us. It turns out that almost nothing is really our fault, but is the result of ethnicity, religion, tribal groups and the need for vengeance that lasts a thousand years, exploding in an internal Muslim dance of despair and death; and this is not related to us at all. Pity on all researchers who wrote thousands of books on the Israeli invented “Conflict”:

books, that are no longer valid, given that the Conflict was invented to hide truly terrible problems. They invented a “truth”. See with what despair the Israeli “media” handles this truth: perhaps the civil war will end, the Golan Heights issue will once more come up? Perhaps the Palestinians, also invented, will break out into a “third, fourth, and fifth intifada,” with the world finally getting tired of it.  Each country is busy with its own existential problems. For the Israeli  “Media” who is this world? Europe, still living its “truth,” while ignoring what truth really is. However, you cannot escape the Angel of Truth.

The fictitious “truth” was their truth, and the real truth was for them fictitious. No longer.

Islamic parties fighting fiercely amongst themselves on the true interpretation of Islam have no more time for us – and this only increases with time. The masks have already fallen; who has time for the old “truth”? 

The Angel of Innocence 2

Look at Syria, bleeding to death, abandoned by the West and its allies, maddened by ethnicity, religions, tribes and minorities; and the Americans, as usual, give up. Look closely. If we are not strong, this will be our fate, and no one really cares.

Therefore, never believe in visionaries and vendors of illusions, telling you how strong we are, and that we should stomach all jihad groups at the center of our country. Interestingly enough, these are the same visionaries who told us how important it was to surrender our valued Golan Heights to the al-Assad family crime syndicate. Look how Syrian airports have become the scene of battles, and you will understand what will happen with our only exits to the world.

The Angel of Innocence states: The current US administration is a weak reed that shall always betray its allies; have a look at how Saudi Arabia was abandoned, and how Americans are changing course as regards Turkey, Japan, Ukraine, Iran, or the two Koreas. In a world so cruel, only our power is a real deterrent. Shimon Peres fought for the Arab world, for the Islamic countries, and for coexistence; but, it really was of no interest to them, and no one even bothered to come to his funeral. On the contrary, the New Middle East has never existed, and Abu Mazen, apparently only came to the funeral because he was threatened by the Americans and the French. No one was innocent; innocence was totally lacking.

When the reformer Johann Huss (1411) was put to the stake, he saw an ignorant peasant bringing logs to add to the pyre and cried: O, holy innocence, O, sancta simplicitas

However, the Angel of Innocence stipulates:

There is no sanctity in innocence, and no innocence in sanctity.

3 The Angel of Mercy

Compassion in the Middle East never paid off, and the one who showed compassion had a predictable end. See, for example, Europe feeling sorry for refugees and migrants, and the terrible price it will eventually have to pay when its own citizens shall become refugees and migrants; some already are. Der Himmel über Berlin (1987).

Compassion is both a tool and a warning. What is the terrible password known by everyone in Syria? Have no pity for no one will pity you. Therefore, they will fight to the very last man, child, woman, and the old.

You want to feel sorry? Feel sorry for yourselves. Want to give up? Give up on your own selves.

Angels in the skies over our eternal capital, Jerusalem:

Jerusalem has never looked so bright as it does today, not even during the time of the great builder, Herod. Yet, there is still a lot to do and build. A tour of Jerusalem is an addictive experience, both physically and spiritually, both on land and in the air (Video: BladeworxIsrael).

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4 The Angel of Destruction 

The dark side of the Angel of Innocence – funded NGOs, bad advice, failed attempts to turn active terrorist organizations into peace partners, all these have hurt us badly. The fantasy of being able to achieve “Peace Now,” is just as dangerous as the “War Now” idea. It does not end with this, you can see the agents of Evil Counsel daily in the establishment “media,” that never learned anything and never changed anything. How do you handle them? They are like mirrors, deceiving mirrors, creating the sensation that we are looking at reality. However, we are looking through the shard of a glass, that does not reflect the real world, it reflects an inverted reality. When you look through the media’s mirror, remember, everything is inverted. They attempt to suppress your spirit. You already know what the truth is according to our own principles.

Place a mirror in front of their eyes through which they can see themselves and they will find themselves overturned.

The Angel of Destruction has one advantage: our enemies read in the Israeli “media” in English how we are becoming “weaker.” They believe that this is true, are tempted to act against us, and end up beaten. The Angel of Destruction sometimes wields a sword that switches direction, causing destruction to turn against itself.

5 The Angel of Peace:

Some search for angels in the heavenly skies, looking for peace, and do not understand that the angels are already here below. Peace is here already, and any change in the status quo will only scare it off. Long-term gas deals with Jordan, Egypt, or the Arabs in Judea and Samaria? This is peace. Reality creates peace; “peace” does not create reality.


 (Photo: Part of a Caravaggio painting, 1602. What is the angel counting? Our ten angels).

Picture: Image Bank Getty Images  

Anyone hoping for a two-state solution will scare off peace forever. The millions of refugees that will flow into the new “state” from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and other countries, will turn the demographic and security situation into a mutual nightmare. This is true also for those looking for a single state. Peace is a reality that works: a strong, sovereign Jewish State spreading strong, protective military and economic wings over a greatly extended Arab autonomy, whose inhabitants are free to elect and be elected. Everybody wins, and everyone lives.

If you have seized a lot, you have not seized (Rabbinic).

 Do not look for Angels where they are not to be found for they are already here, you can see them.



6 The Guardian Angel: 

Generations of Arabs have attempted five types of attacks against Israel, and all of them have failed:

First: A classic war of organized armies, and they were defeated. As a result, we created a mighty army, and once the region collapsed we were the only ones ready.

Second: Diplomatic wars using international institutions, where they have an automatic majority, and there they were also defeated. Their internal fights turn them against themselves and reveal their obsession. Hold a mirror through which they can see themselves, and they will be overturned.

Third: Economic war. From day one, Israel faced a comprehensive Arab boycott, which, to a large extent still exists today, and which we withstood. The opposite occurred: it obliged us to become an economic empire. When immigrating to Europe, Muslim brought with them cultural boycott. Even this we can overcome. The boycott does not exist, nor will it ever exist.  Inflated threats of boycott in the West are usually an internal Israeli invention.

Fourth: Terrorism from external borders and within the territory itself. This kind of war consumed the enemy, with their own sword swinging back against them.

Fifth: A Demographic War, which we won and continue winning. This war energized us, and we are approaching 7 million Jews in Israel. 

Time is on our side, like in every other area. “…Because you struggled with God and humans and have prevailed.”

Despite harsh and bitter sacrifices, we have to thank this external threat, since it forces us into social and national cohesion, thereby do our enemies 

fortify the renewed Hebrew Nation – it is their task.


7 The Angel of Beauty

I frequently travel across our country, which grows by leaps and bounds. There have never been so many projects as seen today, involving: transportation, roads, railways, airports and ports, and much more, with new cities, and a daily changing reality. “Deeds, not words.” Cities have been beautified, have matured and shine; public institutions showing the result of original architecture, with a bounding culture, creativity, innovation and restaurants, with new flavors, not yet known internationally, and thousands of startup companies. Israel is already greater and more powerful than all our shortcomings.

I am really surprised at those Israelis who still remain in the Diaspora: do you not realize that you are wasting your allotted time seeding foreign soils?

  Do you not realize you are missing the great wonder called Israel,

a country stronger and more beautiful than it has been these last 3000 years – where you will build and be built?

Angels in the skies over Tel Aviv:

The city has never shined so bright as it does today, with the continued development of subways and light rail that enables comfortable suburban housing.

And the next step? The creation of large islands, far enough off the coast of the country.

It is an international city, where wealth has begun to accumulate, like the world’s major trade cities. The angels say: Zionism has won, because you struggled with God and with humans and have prevailed”.

8 The Angel of War

This is the axiom in the Middle East: the weaker one invites the attack, the stronger one repels it. Some say that if we stomach the world’s Jihad organizations we will be strengthened, while the truth is exactly the opposite. Thus, it happened with Gaza. Imagine then what would happen at the center of the country, with the Gush Dan area, which should have been decentralized a long time ago.

Deterrence prevents war, weakness encourages it. Therefore, always be strong, and show that strength.

A lot depends on our reputation. Protect it that it may protect you.

9 The Angel of Wealth

Israel is a rich country, with a constantly rising standard of living,

with about 40,000GDP per capita. The gas potential is enormous, through Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt.

We must now build the railroad between the Eilat and Ashdod ports. The passage of goods, power and influence on trade routes will provide an income in the billions, as will soon be obtained from the transfer of goods between Jordan and Haifa via the new Valley Railway. Our growth rate has jumped again, and the second quarter of this year stands at 4%, mostly from private growth, but exports and investments have also jumped. By comparison, US growth this year will stand at 1.5%, and they are excited about it.

Israel is a state that expands by one million residents every six years, due to a Jewish demographic surge. This means that Israel approaches the tenth million-inhabitant mark – a great blessing – and becomes a medium-size state, written in the book of good life among the family of nations.

 Finally, the Angel of Eternity:

Jacob said, “please tell me your name”, and he replied: “Why do you ask my name? Then he blessed him there”.

Then who is the Angel that ensures our eternity? He is the union of the previous nine angels. If we protect him, he will protect us.

This New Year’s Eve, which we welcome, we look with satisfaction on all the goodness surrounding us, goodness of which no one could have dreamt a century ago, and with the knowledge that we can do much more. Do not dream of angels. They are here before your eyes. Protect them that they may protect you.

“Peace upon you, angels of peace”: Whoever welcomes them in peace, will be blessed with peace. That is the secret.

Shana Tova!


המאמר תורגם על ידי אולימפוס תרגומים” 

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