French government's moves creating anti-Semitism

By Dr. Guy Bechor

לקרוא מאמר זה בעברית

If anyone needed a reminder, prestigious American magazine Vanity Fair published a huge heart-rending feature about the situation of anti-Semitism in France. It isn’t happening during the Holocaust or during the Dreyfus trial, but now.

Being identified on the French street as a Jew means taking a risk of physical violence, and even a life-threatening situation. It means entrenching oneself as a collective and hiding one’s personal identity.

Some will say that anti-Semitism in France does not come from the top, but is the result of the settlement of millions of Muslims in the country or of the old European anti-Semitism. But this claim is only partially true: The French government cannot deny its responsibility for the fact that its finest citizens are planning to leave the country.

>>France’s leaders are responsible for local Jews’ grim situation due to government’s clear pro-Muslim and pro-Palestinian policy, as well as its traditional hostility towards Israel.

The French government cannot have it both ways: Level poisonous criticism and diplomatically press Israel while claiming that it is fighting anti-Semitism. These moves against Israel are the ones creating anti-Semitism.

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I feel for the other French people, those who don’t have Zionism or a nation state to redeem them from the calamity taking over their country, until the likely inevitable explosion. What a shame that they don’t have a State of Israel of their own.

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Published: Yedioth Aharonoth