Germany can keep its 'friendly advice' to itself

By Dr. Guy Bechor


“Lasting security for a Jewish and democratic Israel will not be possible without a viable and democratic Palestinian state,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in a speech to Israel’s citizens in honor of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany.


Unfortunately, this sentence points to arrogance – once again, a German thinks he knows better than the Jews what is good for them – but also to a blatant intervention in our national affairs.


לקרוא מאמר זה בעברית

There are no elections and there is no Palestinian agreement on elections, because if that happens Hamas will take over everything after brutally taking over the Gaza Strip in 2007. And so Gaza is now controlled by a terror organization, and Ramallah is controlled by a gang which lacks any public and legal legitimacy.

This is their democracy: No preparedness for a state, no institutions, no politics, no sources of income, no parties and no meeting between parties.


Will the German foreign minister come to Israel’s rescue when dangerous terrorists return to the ‘Palestinian state’ and start firing missiles at Ben-Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem?


A reasonable person asks himself why are the Germans so obsessed with the Palestinians, when the latter are the only ones in our region who are living a good and protected life, under Israel’s mercy. There is no occupation here, but rather a rescue, otherwise they would have already grabbed each other in the throat, like what is happening in the entire region around us, which has been destroyed. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen – they have all been destroyed already, with some 10 million refugees and hundreds of thousands of dead people. And maybe this obsession is not with the Palestinians, but rather with the Jews?


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And anyway, are the Germans done dealing with the millions of infiltrators in Europe, who are threatening to change its demography? Are they done dealing with the anti-Semitism, which is again striking the Jews on their land? Did they think they could buy us with a few ships, which can anyway be purchased from a long list of other countries?

When Germany talks about the Jewish state, it has no right to criticize, reprimand, or offer advice, but only to show some modesty. After all, it was Germany, and no other country, which carried out the cruelest evil in the history of humanity, against the Jewish people.


Published: Yedioth Aharonoth