Obama’s Wars on Israel

By Dr. Guy Bechor

Artificial sweet talking in public while backstabbing behind

the scenes. 

This, apparently, may be the only appropriate description to Obama’s administration attitude towards Israel – to an extent that now can be described as Obama’s wars on Israel.


The first war was with the “Arab Spring” (2011), when this American administration attempted to depict the Arab unrest as some sort of an exceptional democratic uprising, while only the corrupt old Israeli democracy is left behind. This is explicitly how some members of the press that adhere to the Obama cult had described the Arab uprisings. Then came reality and had different plans as the Arab world fell apart. Syria is dead, Iraq is dead, Libya is dead, Arab democracies are alive only in the fervent minds of Obama’s liberal think-tanks.


The second war was with Secretary of State John Kerry’s desperate attempt to shrink Israel (2013) to a size that would threat its existence. He imposed on Israel (as well as on Mahmud Abbas) another futile, yet extremely dangerous round of negotiations, which drove destructive Islamic tendencies and worsened security both in Israel and in the PA. Encouraged by Kerry, Palestinian imagination riled up: They would get Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, refugees, territories, prisoners – This in turn caused arrogance, defiance and ultimately violence and Arab self-destruction. Naturally, reporters and diplomats from the Obama bandwagon rushed to blame Israel by their master’s command, but even this war failed. Israel insisted on its right to exist and refused to turn the West Bank to another Gaza.


Where is Mr. Kerry today, who insisted to hand over the West Bank to Arab sovereignty? All that is happening now in Gaza would have happened in the West Bank, which would practically mean the end of Israel. Luckily, the Gaza war broke early enough to demonstrate what would have happened whether Israel would have handed over more territory to Arab terrorism. It’s imperative to remember that Israel fully handed over the Gaza strip to Mahmud Abbas in 2005. Within two years, the Hamas dumped Abbas out and took over. The current threat from Gaza amounts to roughly 10 percent in relation to the potential threat from an Arab controlled West Bank.


The third war is now (2014), and one must acknowledge that the Obama administration haven’t gave up yet: An attempt to impose on Israel unacceptable terms in Gaza by means of, in other, the outrageous flight ban to Israel. The ban was issued by the FAA, a federal agency administered by the US Secretary of Transportation which in turn is a member of the Cabinet of the US. Contrary to the previous wars, when the administration warned Israel off a mysterious new Intifada or a European boycott, now it is attacking Israel directly and overtly. This administration is closer to Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran – the world’s leading terror sponsors – than to Israel; This is alarming blindness, which cannot be taken lightly. This is the final straw in the US’ forfeiting of the free world, the west’s leadership. An eclipse of incomprehensible magnitude.


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This is not the first time Kerry’s caught while “smiling” towards Israel, yet incites against it behind the scenes. It happened previously with European friends that reported to Israel instantly, and again this week while waiting for that Fox News interview. But this is not directed only towards Israel. This is also a betrayal towards the moderate axis in the Middle East – Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia – while rewarding Jihadist terrorism. A betrayal towards all core American values.


Israel will overcome this attack as it did with the previous ones. Eventually, this curse will become Israel’s blessing. Currently, the Palestinians are experiencing a 40 years’ regression as their public image throughout the free world becomes less of the “freedom fighters” they used to be perceived as recently and more of the terrorist nation they are in reality. Yet, right before the upcoming mid-term elections, each and every American citizen should know how does this administration is treating his only genuine ally in the Middle East, Israel – and vote accordingly.


(Original Hebrew: “Yedioth Aharonoth”, 7.24.2014)

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