The Palestinian self-collision instinct

By Dr. Guy Bechor

It’s time for the world to realize that we are dealing with gangs,

which will always live at other nations’ expense and make a living

off ‘the conflict.’

Generation after generation, the Palestinians are colliding with the

people of Israel. Collapsed, beaten, and then screaming “Nakba” in order to pass on the collision tradition to their future generations.

This format is approaching 100 years of collision, and not a single lesson has been learned, and no real criticism is voiced.

What is the Palestinians’ chronic problem? That they are captivated by their resisting leaders, who in most cases represent partial interests, and these are the results.

What do they think? That the State of Israel and the Jewish people will give up? That will never happen, because this has been our eternal land for 3,500 years now and we have no other land, while the Sunnis living in the territories have the Arab world and Europe, which is becoming Islamic, and many of them are indeed emigrating.

The day they come to terms with the fact that the Jewish people are not going anywhere ? but on the contrary, they are deepening their thick roots, multiplying and succeeding ? only then peace will be possible with them. But that day is very far off, and not a single anxious American mediator is capable of speeding up its arrival.

This means that we are in for many additional generations of Arab collective suicide, and let none of them argue later on that they did not know. We could ask why masses of Arabs are getting killed in the Gaza Strip for the sake of Iran, al-Jazeera, Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and their interests. There is no answer, apart from the self-collision instinct, as usual.

The results of the current crisis were known in advance: Israel found a solution for the rockets, handled the tunnels and taught the shocked Gazans a lesson for many years to come. So what did they commit suicide for?

And as for the future, neither Israel nor Egypt will accept Hamas’ illusions, as this organization is interested in establishing a dangerous ISIS-style Islamic caliphate here, and no civilized country can accept that. Similarly, neither Israel nor Jordan will accept the illusions of the “Palestinian authority” taking over territories, as this means an existential threat to the stability in the region.

In other words, these are gangs, some of which disguise themselves as political entities and try to impose their murderous rule. They may have managed to deceive part of the naïve West, which is facing the same threat, but aren’t deceiving us.


What the leaders of these gangs are left with is a quarrel over the trophy: The billions of the “reconstruction.” Not a single “refugee” has been rehabilitated until today, neither in the West Bank nor in Gaza, despite some $15 billion in donations ? and maybe even more ? since 1992.


So where is that money? Most of it has been stolen by the gang leaders, who have become millionaires. Since Europe has reduced its financial aid to the Strip, and Hamas’ “independent” income has been disrupted by the closing of supply tunnels from Egypt, the Palestinians launched a war aimed at returning the funds. And the funds may still return, when the Gulf states and the Europeans, who are terrified by what is happening over there, open their purses once again. But what will the common resident get out of it? Absolutely nothing.

It’s time for the world to realize that we are dealing with a destructive budget-devouring element, which is incapable of funding itself, which will always live at other people’s expense, and which makes a living off the conflict. Why if there were no “conflict,” it wouldn’t have any money.

Any sum donated to the “reconstruction” through the leadership of Hamas, Fatah, the Islamic Jihad and the rest of the gangs will directly contribute to deepening the conflict and hostility and to the collective collision tradition.

Most of the money will not go to the population’s “reconstruction,” but will be used to prepare the next stages of the collision. Not to the “Palestinians,” but to the “Palestinian problem”; not to a calm, but to incitement. We can already say to the Palestinians: See you in your next suicide.


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